Ladybug Handprint Craft

Get ready for spring with this cute LadyBug Handprint Craft! Kids of all ages will love to create this paper ladybug handprint craft which uses their handprints as the wings! A perfect keepsake of your kids’ handprints that is easy to make! Gather your supplies, and let’s get started. 

Ladybug Handprint Craft

Finished ladybug handprint craft with the template on white background with a yellow border and white lettering.

We can all agree that finding your kids’ handprints on the window can be frustrating at times, but with this ladybug handprint craft, handprints are the main event!  

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I love making these ladybugs with my kids because I can preserve their handprints with a cute craft. Make this craft every year to watch your kids’ ladybugs grow as they do! I love to compile all the cute handprint crafts in a book to watch their handprints grow over the years. 


Black and white paper, scissors, red paint, paintbrush, marker, pencil, and glue stick on an off-white background.
  • Black craft papers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Printable Template

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How to Make A Ladybug Handprint Craft

red paint on white background
  • Gather black construction paper for the ladybug body base and antennas and red acrylic paint for the wings. Pour the paint into a bowl to use on your hands.  
red handprints on white paper.
  • Take a size 8 to 10 paint brush and apply the acrylic paint on the palm of one hand. Make sure to cover the palm and fingers completely. Take a piece of white cardstock and press the painted hand against the paper. Keep your hand on the paper for a few seconds, and then remove your hand gently from the paper. Next, create the other handprint with your opposite hand.
Red handprints cut out of paper.
  • Allow the handprints to dry completely, and then use scissors to cut them out.
Cutouts of black ladybug body and antenna.
  • While your handprints are drying, select the right size template based on your handprint size and trace and cut out the ladybug body base and antennas. 
Black antenna attached to the ladybug body
  • Glue the antennas to the small section of your ladybug bug body and use a sharpie to draw black polka dots. You can also use polka-dotted paper to skip this step.
Black circles glued to red handprint wings.
  • Cut out small circles from black paper and glue them onto your handprint wings. 
Red handprint wing glued to body of ladybug.
  • Glue one of your handprint wings onto the large part of your ladybug body, keeping the thumb facing out. 
Red handprint wing glued to the body of the ladybug.
  • Glue the remaining handprint wing to the other side. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Try using different colored paint to customize your ladybug wings.
  • Use glitter stickers for the polka dots for some added sparkle!
  • Attach some string or fishing line to your ladybug handprint craft and hand them in front of a window.
  • Instead of paint, trace your hands on some construction paper to create the ladybug wings.

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Handprint Ladybug

Handprint Ladybug

This adorable Handprint Ladybug is part craft, part keepsake. Make one with your kids and have a copy of their handprint to keep forever!


  • Black construction paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Grab black construction paper for the ladybug body base and antennas, and red acrylic paint for the wings.

Take a paintbrush to paint the prepared acrylic paint on the palm of your hand. Make sure to cover the palm entirely. Take a piece of white cardstock paper and press the painted palm against the paper. Keep the palm on the paper for a few seconds and then remove your hand gently from the paper. Create another hand-print with your other hand.

Allow the paint to dry completely. Use scissors to cut out the hand print from the paper.

Trace and cut out the ladybug template patterns from black colored craft paper. The template includes 2 different sizes; you can select the size for your craft.

Glue the antenna cutouts on the top side of the head part (small round side). Use a sharpie to draw black polka dots on the paper. Or, you can use polka dotted paper instead.

Cut out small round shapes from black paper, these are the small dots of the ladybug wings.

Glue the small round cutouts on the hand-printed wing patterns.

Take any of the wing patterns you made from handprints and glue it on a side of the body part of the ladybug pattern. Keep the thumb of the hand-print facing outside.

Now, glue the other wing on the other side of the body part.

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