Mickey Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs Cups

Add some magic to your hot chocolate with these Mickey Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs Cups! Watch these chocolate treats melt away into a delicious cup of hot chocolate that everyone will love. 

Mickey Hot Chocolate Bombs Cups

Mickey Cake Pops

Calling all Disney lovers! You are going to fall in love with these Mickey inspired hot cocoa bombs to go along with our other hot chocolate bombs like our White Chocolate Confetti Hot Chocolate Bomb and our Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bomb. Of course, if you are looking for a simple hot cocoa bomb you can’t go wrong with our winter hot chocolate bombs.

These hot chocolate bombs can be filled with hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, and more making your treat totally customizable. 

While these may seem hard to make, with the right supplies you will be able to make them in no time. 

Mickey Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs Cups

Here’s a new way to enjoy hot chocolate! Have fun making your mickey holiday hot chocolate bombs! 

What Do I Need


Mickey Cake Pops

How To Make Mickey Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs

Mickey Cake Pops
  • Melt down chocolates according to package instructions. Do not over melt, they can burn. If you need to thin out the candy melts add a small amount of coconut oil until it’s a pourable consistency. 
  • Place the plastic cups upside down on a cutting board and use the Xacto knife or scissors to cut a vertical line down the center of the cup. (This will help with easy mold release later). 
Mickey Cake Pops
  • Pour the melted chocolate into the cups and twist to allow the chocolate to get on the sides of the cup. 
Mickey Cake Pops
  • Turn the cup upside down on a piece of parchment to allow any extra chocolate to drip down. (The amount of chocolate in each cup can vary at this point).  
  • Place the cups in the freezer for 7-9 mins to set. 
  • Remove from the freezer. 
  • Add 1 tbsp hot cocoa mix to each cup. 
Mickey Cake Pops
  • Add red melted chocolate until the cup is ¾ full. 
Mickey Cake Pops
  • Return to the freezer to harden for 18-25 mins.
  • Carefully peel off the cup, starting at the original long slit in the side. Make additional cuts as needed.  
  • Add a small amount of melted chocolate to the top, add mini marshmallows, colorful sticks/straws, and sprinkles. Place two unmelted candy melts on top to look like Mickey’s ears.  
  • Use melted red chocolate in a piping bag to decorate the outside of your hot chocolate bombs. Add more sprinkles and marshmallows to the chocolate.
Mickey Cake Pops
  • Return to the freezer for a final set (about 7-8 mins).
Mickey Cake Pops

Enjoy Playing Disney Charades With Your Family as you enjoy these Hot Chocolate Bombs Cups

Tips, Tricks, and FAQ’s 

  • You want to make sure that your milk is hot enough to melt your cocoa bomb. If it is lukewarm it will not melt. Once it does melt you can add some cold milk to help cool it down so the kids can enjoy it. 
  • You can use any flavor chocolate that you prefer for the shell of your hot cocoa bomb. I love using dark chocolate, but you can use milk chocolate as well as white chocolate. 
  • A higher quality chocolate will work better. 
  • If your melting chocolate is difficult to work with you can add a tiny bit of shortening to the chocolate and mix it in. 
Mickey Cake Pops

How long do Mickey Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs Cups last?

Hot chocolate bombs can last up to 2 months if they are kept at room temperature in an airtight container. I know my hot cocoa bombs never last that long, but they have the ability to!

How to enjoy a hot chocolate bomb cup

To enjoy your Mickey inspired hot chocolate bomb you will want to add it to the bottom of your mug. You will then pour hot milk over the top of it. This will melt the outer chocolate shell releasing the hot chocolate mix and all the goodies to appear! Mix this up and enjoy! Add whip cream to the top if you prefer. 

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