Space Crafts for Kids

There is a fascination with space that begins in childhood and never seems to go away. These space crafts for kids are a great way to explore space and indulge your child’s love for the stars.

Featured Image featuring space color by number, paper plate saucer, and popsicle stick stars

If your child loves space as much as mine does, then they love to do space crafts. These space crafts will have you creating rockets, playing with stars, and exploring the solar system. There are space craft ideas for every kid here.

Why Make Space Crafts for Kids

Crafts are a great way to create fun, educational opportunities to talk about space. From talking about different planets to exploring how rockets work, there is so much room for imagination and play when crafting.

Space Crafts for Kids

In post image featuring space shuttle papercraft, rock toilet paper roll, space rocket activity book, and space color by number
In post image featuring satellite toilet paper roll, rocket ship name craft, solar system craft, and moon craft mobile
In post image featuring felt spaceship straw rockets, galaxy sensory bottle, and clothespin solar system model
In post image featuring galaxy painted rocks, space art, space jewlery, and soda bottle rocket
In post image featuring rocket paper roll, paper rocket craft, basketweave rocket ship, and space paper plate
In post image featuring space bookmarks, pipe cleaner constellations, galaxy painted pot, and marshmallow constellations
In post image featuring moon paper plate, flashlight constellations, start popsicle sticks, space rocket soda bottle
In post image featuring 3D solar system, flying saucer paper plate, perler be space crafts, and flying rocket craft
In post image featuring coffee filter planet suncatchers, popsicle stick rocket, rocket toilet paper roll, and space silhouette art

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