Felt Snow Globe Christmas Ornament Pattern

Add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor with our charming Felt Snow Globe Christmas Ornament. This adorable ornament captures the magic of winter in a miniature snowglobe design perfect for your tree.

blue border with ornament template for felt snow globe pattern

When searching for a great gift to give during the holidays, homemade gifts are the best! Homemade felt ornaments like our gnome felt ornament and the cute bird felt ornament make fantastic gifts because they are thoughtful and tangible expressions of creativity and thought. When you craft these ornaments yourself, you can personalize them, making them truly special and meaningful presents. They carry a unique charm that store-bought items often lack, making them memorable tokens of affection during the holiday season.

felt snow globe ornament pin image with red background

Making felt ornaments is not only great for giving gifts but is an excellent activity for tweens and teens. It encourages hands-on creativity, hones fine motor skills, and fosters a sense of accomplishment. It’s a beautiful way for young individuals to express their individuality and make unique decorations that can be cherished for years. Working on felt ornaments also provides a break from screen time and allows for quality bonding time with family or friends, creating lasting memories during the holiday season.

How To Make A Felt Snow Globe Ornament

finished image of felt snow globe ornament with pink ribbon


supplies needed to make a felt snow globe
  • Felt Fabrics
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • Fabric Marker
  • Seed beads
  • Ribbon


  • Print and cut out the template patterns. Select felt fabrics for the snowglobe ornament. Trace the template patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out nicely. The template includes 2 sets of 2 different sizes; select any one for your craft.
  • Take the tree patterns (the small rectangle and 4 layers). Place the rectangle cutout on a flat surface vertically and then place the large tree layer cutout on the rectangle felt cutout horizontally, on a side.
  • Stitch the tree layer cutout with the rectangle base cutout.

  • Place the medium and small tree layer cutouts on the rectangle base one by one; and stitch them with the base. Finally, stitch the smallest white layer on the top of the small tree layer.
  • Take the circular cutout (snowglobe glass) and place large snow layer along the bottom side of it.
  • Place the small snow layer along the bottom side of the previous snow layer and then place the 3 layers on the snowglobe base. Prepare needle with white thread.
  • Stitch the snowglobe glass and the 2 snow layers with the base around the side.
  • Grab a few seed beads and start adding them on the glass layer.
  • Stitch the seed beads on the glass layer neatly to make them look like snowfall.
  • Arrange the house cutouts to make the house pattern. Stitch the parts together.
  • Place and stitch the house and the tree patterns on the felt snow globe. Stitch the lower part of the base.
  • Attach a ribbon loop on the backside of the felt snowglobe and also attach a ribbon bow to the bottom part of the craft to complete the ornament.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get creative with the colors of felt you choose! 
  • Embellish your ornament with glitter or sequences
  • Personalize with a stitched name or year

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