Horse Headband Craft

This Horse Headband Craft is the perfect weekend activity to do with your kids while they are home. With very few supplies needed and simple instructions, your kids will have fun crafting and wearing their headbands.

Horse Headband Craft For Kids

If your child loves horses and farm animals, they will definitely love this Horse Headband. I love sharing animal facts with my daughter while doing animal crafts. 

Did you know that Horses can’t breathe through their mouths? They can only breathe through their nose, unlike humans. Horses also have special lockable tendons and ligaments that allow them to sleep standing up!

Headbands provide the opportunity to make learning about their favorite farm animals interactive. Try making all our animal headbands

Completed horse headband sitting on brown construction paper with craft thread in the background

Along with amazing your kids with your knowledge of cool horse facts, you could bring in other farm animal activities like a handprint cow, toilet paper roll bunny, or cat paper bag puppet. Your kids will enjoy an afternoon spent with farm animal craft activities.


Colored horse headband template with craft materials

How to Make a Horse Headband Craft

Colored horse headband template with craft materials
  • Download and print your Horse Headband Craft Template.
  • Color your Horse Headband with crayons, colored pencils, or even markers.
coloring horse headband with a yellow crayon
  • Next, cut out your Horse Headband template along the dotted lines.
hand showing scissors hovering over horse headband
  • Now, use your glue or tape the headband ends together to finish your Horse Headband.
gluing horse headband
  • Put your Horse Headband on to show off your creation!

Don’t forget to share your finished craft on Instagram and tag #frostingandglue!

Tips & Tricks

  • Get creative with decorating your headband. You could get out the paint, add glitter, or even some 3D elements like cotton balls along the mane to give your Horse Headband more dimension. 
  • Instead of coloring your Horse Headband, have your child pick out a colored piece of construction paper as an alternative craft version. Just trace the template on the construction paper. Then, cut out and glue or tape the headband ends together.

More Ideas…

Check out these other animal crafts with your kids! Our pig paper bag puppet would go perfect with this horse headband. Make it an afternoon of farm animal crafts and invite your child to use their imagination.

This kangaroo bookmark is great for encouraging your animal lover to read. This cute animal friend is both fun to make and use to mark your page. Jump into your next reading adventure with this craft!

Our handprint ladybug is also a great hands on papercraft project. You can preserve your child’s hand prints and indulge your child’s need to play with paint! This adorable ladybug with handprint wings is lots of fun to make.

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