Valentine’s Day Bear Craft

Get busy crafting with this simple Valentine’s Day Bear Craft! Kids of all ages will have fun exploring their creativity! 

Valentine’s Day Bear Craft

feature image: Valentine's Day Bear Craft

I love spending time with my kids, and crafting together is a great way to do that! They can fiddle with their hands while we chat about the day or just spend time together. Whether it’s playing games, doing activities, or crafts with my children – I love just spending time for them!

The other day we did the Heart Stitch Craft and the kids loved it! They also learned valuable lessons too like the importance of following directions. These crafts could also be a great Valentine’s Day Gift to your kids’ classmates, teachers, family, or friends! 

So gather the supplies that you have around the house and make some memories with your kids! 


Supplies for a Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Construction paper
  • Craft glue
  • Sharpie or gel pen
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 

Printable Template

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Bear Craft

Valentine's Day Bear Craft on pink background
  • To start this craft, grab a sheet each of pink construction paper, two different shades of brown, and a color of your choice for the background. Also make sure to choose pink or red colored paper for the heart shapes. Begin tracing the head and body base patterns on the darker shade of brown paper. Then, trace the mouth and the belly patterns on the light brown paper. Finally, trace the inner ear parts on the pink paper. Once you’ve finished tracing all of the patterns, grab your scissors and cut them out nicely.  
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Start gluing the pieces together. Begin with gluing the inner ear parts in the middle of the ear bases. Then, use a sharpie or a gel pen to draw the nose and the mouth of the bear on the mouth piece (the small round shape on the lighter brown color).
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Next, glue the belly cutout along the top edge of the body base pattern. Make sure to keep the straight side of the belly cutout aligned with the top side of the body base pattern. Now you can glue the mouth and nose near the bottom half of the head pattern.
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Then you will glue the head pattern on top of the body base pattern.
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Now it’s time to add the details to your bear craft! Use a sharpie or gel pen to draw the eyes of the papercraft bear figure.
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Now it’s time to make the heart balloons! Start by tracing and cutting out the heart shapes from the pink or red paper you chose earlier.
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Add more details to the card by folding the heart shapes into half, symmetrically. Make sure to cut out the card. The card needs to be big enough to fit the papercraft bear and 3 or more papercraft heart balloons.
Valentine's Day Bear Craft
  • Now that everything is ready, you can start piecing together the card! Glue the papercraft bear on one half of the card. Make sure to keep enough space on the other half of the card for the papercraft heart balloons. Glue two half-folded hearts side by side to craft a 3D balloon. For this tutorial, I used three heart balloons (so six heart shapes folded in half and glued together). Then I used a sharpie to drawstrings to attach each balloon to the bear’s hand. And just like that, you’re done!
Valentine's Day Bear Craft

Tips and Tricks

  • Get creative with the colors you choose for your craft. Create a unique card! 
  • Turn this craft into a card! Have your kids write their messages on the back. The receiver will love the personal touch that a homemade card brings.

More Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

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