Valentine’s Day Color By Number

Are you in need of an activity to engage your kids this Valentine’s Day? Check out this awesome Valentine’s Day Color By Number that will be sure to entertain your kids!

Valentine’s Day Color By Number

Valentine’s Day Color By Number

My kids love to draw and color. My youngest son, though, is a bit of a perfectionist. He gets so disheartened when his drawings don’t come out the way he imagined them in his head. 

That’s one of the reasons we love Color By Numbers so much! It helps your kids to know where to place what color and to slowly build those motor skills up. 
We did the Color Your Christmas Gift Box this past holiday season, and my son loved coloring in the pictures on the box! I can’t wait to print out these Valentine’s Day Color By Number sheets for my kids!

Benefits of Valentine’s Day Color By Number

Your kids are also practicing so many skills as they do this fun activity, and they probably won’t even realize that they are learning at the same time! Some of those skills include:

  • Refining motor skills
  • Following instructions
  • Reading
  • Color and letter recognition
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • And so much more!

One of my favorite benefits of these coloring sheets is that my kids feel pride and a sense of accomplishment when they finish their drawings. I love fostering this confidence and persistence in them!  

Tips and Tricks

  • Instead of using markers, crayons, or colored pencils, try filling in the sheets with regular or watercolor paint! Although this requires more preparation and is a bit more messy, your kids will love getting their hands dirty! If you have the time, it is definitely worth it!
  • Print out the Color By Number sheets in a poster size. Your kids can work on one together or each have their own!

More Valentine’s Day Color By Number Ideas!

Another fun activity my kids love doing is Heart Attacking our friends. To do this, you can put together a small gift basket or treat, like this Easy Cookie Pizza Recipe. Then, cut out a bunch of hearts from different colored papers. Write something kind on each heart. 

After you have everything prepared, sneakily go up to your friends’ door, attach the hearts with tape, and set the gift down. When you’re ready, knock on the door then make a mad dash to the car! The kids love how silly this activity is, and it is a great way to spread kindness to those around us!

If your kids loved coloring these sheets, keep the creativity flowing! Check out these simple Valentine’s Day themed paper crafts!

Valentine’s Day Color By Number

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