How to make a leprechaun paper puppet for kids

If you are looking for a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day craft then you will want to check out this Leprechaun paper puppet to create with the kids. Don’t forget to download the free printable template to make your project even easier to create. 

Leprechaun Paper Puppet

When it comes to puppets, you will find lots of options for kids, but this leprechaun paper puppet is a favorite among the kids. 

If your kids are a fan of leprechaun puppets, then you will want to grab this free downloadable template so they can create their very own leprechaun paper puppet. 

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How to make Leprechaun Paper Puppet for Kids

  1. To make a leprechaun paper puppet you need different colored papers. Then trace the hat, body, sleeve, and leg patterns on the green-colored paper. Take the pink-colored craft paper and trace the leprechaun’s head, nose, and hands for the skin. If you want you can use other color craft paper for the skin. In the orange paper, trace the beard and eyebrow paper, and in black paper trace the strips and small squares, and big squares on the yellow or golden paper. Trace the shoes on the black or brown paper, and then finally cut out the traced patterns
  • If your kids can’t draw the pattern, then there are templates available and you can download them to make the job simple and easier
  • Attach the head on the beard cut-outs by keeping the scalloped border of the beard around the side. Then attach the shoe cut-outs on either side of the leg cut-outs and then the hand cut-outs on either side of the sleeve cut-outs
  • Then attach the small square (black) in the middle of the big square (yellow or golden) and then attach these square strips in the middle of the black strip which will be the belt. Take the belt and attach it to the body cut-out. Attach the sleeve along with the hands-on on both sides of the body pattern and attach the leg patterns on the bottom side of the body pattern
  • If you are done with attaching the cut-outs then grab the google eyes, small foam, and head pattern. Glue the foam cut-out on the head which should be in the center or slightly away from the center
  • Glue the nose cut-out on the top of the foam piece
  • On the head glue the googly eyes and then on the top of the eyes glue the eyebrow cut-outs. Use a sharpie to draw a smile
  • Now, you need to attach the head pattern on the top of the body pattern
  • Then again attach the small square in the middle of the big square. Attach the square pattern in the middle of the strip and then attach the strip on the hat, near the bottom side
  • Finally, attach the paper hat on the top side of the leprechaun’s head to finish the craft

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