Sloth Papercraft Bookmark

Do you love sloths? We sure do! They are among some of the cutest animals and are known for taking slow climbing movements among the trees. Take your time at school or at home making this cute Sloth Papercraft Bookmark.

Sloth Papercraft Bookmark

Sloth Papercraft Bookmark

Sloths have a great deal of wisdom to teach us. They have a stigma for being lazy, but their slow movements and love of sleep aren’t lazy at all. They do exactly what they need to do when it is needed to be done for their well-being.

Reading with your child can be the same way. Use this Sloth Bookmark to remind you that it isn’t always about how fast or slow you read a book, but that you read it and experience what the book has to offer. If your child really loves sloths be sure to check out our Sloth paper bag puppet craft.

Printable Template

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How to Make A Sloth Papercraft Bookmark

  • Select colored craft papers for the sloth bookmark. The template includes the following patterns: body base, 2 front legs, face, eye patches, a tree branch, leaves, and a bookmark base. Trace the patterns on the selected colored craft papers and cut them out nicely.
step one to making a Sloth Bookmark
  • Attach the eye patch cutouts on both sides of the face cutout.
  • Attach the face pattern on the head part of the body base.
  • Apply glue on the straight side of any one of the front leg cutouts and attach it with any one of the leg parts of the body base. Keep the front leg on the backside of the body base legs.
  • Similarly, attach the other front leg with the base. Keep the rest of the front legs free from glue. Use a sharpie to trace outlines on the papercraft sloth figure.
  • Use a sharpie to draw the face of the papercraft sloth. Attach the leaf cutouts on the tree branch cutout.
Sloth Papercraft Bookmark last step
  • Attach the tree log between the legs, along the top open side.
  • Attach the branch part of the craft with the bookmark base along the side. Remember to keep the sloth part free from glue.
  • Use the craft as a bookmark by simply sliding a page between the base and the sloth paper figure.
Sloth Papercraft Bookmark on a book holding the page

Tips and Tricks:

  • Get creative with the sloth face and involve your child in what it should look like. Is the sloth awake or asleep? Is it happy or serious or surprised or another emotion?
  • Attach googly eyes to your sloth for a 3D look.

More Ideas…

  • Practice impulse control with your child with fast and slow activities. You could write down activities to draw out of a hat (such as marching in place) and flip a coin with one side assigned for quickly and the other for slowly. Take turns drawing movements out of a hat and flipping the coin to set the speed of the movement. Do the movement for about 3 seconds before choosing another movement.
  • Work on gross motor skills and find a tree or playground to climb. See if you and your child can hang on a branch or monkey bars like a sloth.
  • Go to the zoo or aquarium and see if you can find a sloth there. Write down with your child what the sloth is doing to help develop their ability to observe. Take a picture with the sloth to add to your memories with your kiddo.

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