Primary Talks on Faith [Perfect for Junior & Senior Primary]

Looking for last minute primary talks on faith? These ready to use primary talks on faith are just what you have been searching for! Perfect for junior and senior primary kids. These primary talks are the perfect resource for parents and primary presidencies.

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We have all been there! The Saturday night text reminder letting us know our primary child has a talk on faith at 9am in the morning! We try to write the talk but we are exhausted so we Google “primary talk on faith” and you are in luck that you landed here!

Trust me as a Primary 1st counselor I used to be Googling after I asked the assigned child if they had their talk preapred only to be met with a “I don’t know what you are talking about look!” There was in the back of the room googling easy primary talk for kids LOL.

That is when I decided to be a resource for parents and primary presidencies everywhere: to help them find the best age apporparie primary talks.

In this post you will find a short primary talk on faith perfect for Junior primary and a longer primary talk on faith perfect for senior primary. Hopefully these will take the stress off parents and primary presidencies everywhere and help primary kids build confidence as they speak in primary.

These talks are perfect to use in Sunday lessons, family home evenings, or personal study, these talks on faith are crafted to encourage children to embrace and understand the importance of increasing their faith in their daily lives.

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Primary Talks on Faith

Junior- Even though I haven’t seen Heavenly Father or Jesus, I know that they are there. That is called faith. I can grow my faith every day by learning about Jesus, by saying my prayers, and by keeping the commandments. Having faith makes me feel joy in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Senior- Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. We may not see Heavenly Father or Jesus while on this earth but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. We have faith that they are.

Like a tiny seed that needs sunlight and water to grow, we can grow our faith by making good choices like reading our scripture, praying, and keeping the commandments. These good choices help us to grow closer and feel our Heavenly Father’s presence in our lives.

Elder Neil L. Andersen said, “The future of your faith is not by chance but by choice.” Elder Andersen is saying that we need to make the choice to grow our faith every day. I know that if we do that, we can grow our faith into a strong testimony. Our tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree that will protect us throughout our lives, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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